Is it possible to write a sentence in any language with only vowels or without any vowel

Is it possible to write a sentence, in any language, with only vowels or without any vowel?

Romanian has a few words that are made only of vowels:
You can play with these words and create various sentences, most of which will be about sheep:
They are pretty fun to pronounce.
There is no equivalent for consonants, though.
The only consonant-only words that Romanian has are a few interjections such as brr, bzz, pst, hm, and so on.

In Arabic.
It is easily possible to write even paragraphs without using a single vowel.
This is because manty times, vowels are resembled by accents instead of letters.
For example, my name, Mohammad, is written in Arabic without vowels.
As you can see, there are small symbols (accents) above the letters that replace the need for the vowels.
Many words are written as such.
On the other hand, it is hard to find words that consist of only vowels.
Especially Knowimg that Arabic has only three vowels.
I can't come up with more than these
Ay (أي)- That is
Aw (أو) – Or
Ya (يا) – O (used to call someone)

Finnish has a high vowel frequency, but it’s still hard to compose meaningful sentences without any consonant, because inflection almost always requires a morpheme with consonant if the root is just vowels, but we can come up with something.
Ai, Ia ei ui = ‘Oh, Ia [female name] doesn’t/won’t swim’
Oio yöaie! = ‘straighten the night intention!’ (In many dialects, there is a geminate glottal stop between the words, but it’s just a semiphoneme in Finnish and not always pronounced even in the dialects that have this morpheme boundary gemination feature.

That's doable (though noteasy) in the regional language of the part of Italy where I grew up (the Bergamasque variety of Eastern Lombard).
This language drops many consonants that are preserved in Standard Italian, producing words like the following:
ì (wine) aa/ae (bee/bees) öa (grapes)
Here are some “vowels-only” sentences:
Ei ù èi ie i ae? (Ehi man, are the bees alive?)
O ì o öa! (Either wine or grapes! Meaning you can't have both.

Check tongue twisters here.
In Portuguese there is phrase only with vowels.
Ó o AUE ai Ó ! It means “what is the fuzz over there!”

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