Is it ever acceptable to read your childs diary

Is it ever acceptable to read your child’s diary?


It’s because you have to respect their privacy… Based on my own experience , i used to write diaries until i found out that my dad actually reads them sometimes in front of the family be like ( >.
< ) [what the helts!?] And from that day onwards I never EVER have a diary again.
( hah nobody knows what i think anymore )
I believe it’s acceptable to read it like if you child gone missing , or emergency situations like he/she ran away or etc … then at least you sort of have a clue than none at all.
You wouldn’t want your child to vanish without a clue??? Would you?

In a word, no.
If your child wants to read it then not a problem but trust would become an issue if you read it without their permission.
Growing up I kept journals that I still have and most of the time my life was in a dark place and if my parents ever read them they would have had me locked up.
Never read a diary because a lot of the time it’s a way to vent anger and what you read might not reflect the truth.
Plus you might read something that would hurt you.

It depends on the situation.
My son was severely depressed and suicidal but would not talk about his issues.
I did go through his room and read his journal and it helped me save his life.
If you are just being nosy then you need to ask yourself if you think you can handle what you find out.
If you can snoop without freaking out and telling your child you read their diary then maybe it could help with understanding your child better.
However, if you uncover something you can't handle then you risk destroying any trust you have with that child by disclosing that you have private information.

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